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L i g h t W a v e
LabVIEW Software Experts
We create applications with LabVIEW for Windows, Real-Time or FPGA.  After developing the software, we will document it and provide training in order to enable your staff to maintain and upgrade the software in the future.
LabVIEW Software Development
LabVIEW Classroom Training in Western Canada
LightWave Computing partners with National Instruments to provide LabVIEW classroom training in Western Canada.  View the current LabVIEW training courses available.

LabVIEW for Windows
LabVIEW Real-Time
National Instruments System Integration
CompactRIO / CompactDAQ
Depending on your requirements for speed, determinism and reliability in your control application, we can help choose and integrate the optimal hardware for you.  We can also supply and build systems with third party instruments and wireless sensor arrays.
Machine Vision