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L i g h t W a v e
LabVIEW Software Experts
Research and Development

We have helped research labs test everything from fuel cells to innovative direct metal deposition systems.
Data Analysis

We have created LabVIEW based test software to analyze vibration and wear analysis on hydro-electric turbines and generators.
Automated Test Systems

We have built end-of-line production test software for consumer and industrial products.
Remote Monitoring

We have built remote web-only monitoring systems and wireless sensors into many of our applications.
Vision Systems

LabVIEW has been the core of several of our vision systems used in forest products and manufacturing test stations.
Data Acquisition Systems

From long-term environmental logging to monitoring strain on a remote pipeline, our LabVIEW applications provide the data you need.
"Lightwave Computing was able to take our initial plans and work with us to refine hardware specifications, then work with us through the LabVIEW software development to final project implementation.  Lightwave Computing was able to quickly deliver options for a detailed path to a clear solution.  Minimal surprises, quick response, and a genuine interest in ensuring both short and long term success of our applications."

-Tony, FP Innovations